Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#Weather in #Liverpool, #Canada - Currently(7:20AM):+6.8C,overcast,wind light NE

Min / max over the past 24 hours, as recorded on my station:

(Temps are in °C)

High: +18.4

Low: +5.5

Today's forecast: Cloudy. A few showers beginning near noon. Wind northeast
20 km/h becoming east 20 late this morning. High 12.


Showers. Amount 2 to 4 mm. Wind east 20 km/h becoming northeast 20 gusting
to 40 this evening. Low 11.

Today's weather trivia: 9 October

2008: Go fishing or stay on shore? For the past 2 weeks in the Bay of Fundy,
lobster fishers were only able to go out every 3 days or so because of
strong, persistent winds. Each postponed day increases the risk taken by
fishers to make up lost time. Further, when winds churn up the seabed,
lobsters don't feed until the water settles down.

Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar' by David Phillips. ©
Environment Canada

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