Thursday, July 14, 2016

A couple of clear nights in a row! (photos)

Finally!! Clear nights in succession and warm temps.
Had the cameras snapping away and picked up a few objects.All were taken July 13th with the cameras pointed East ,first 2 are early morning ,the rest are late night:

Unknown object - possible meteor or space junk

Close up of the fist shot

Iridium satellite 96 flaring (A-610)

Iridium satellite 59 flaring (Canon EOS XS)

Iridium satellite 96 flaring (Canon EOS XS)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Crappy weather

Well...we haven't seen clear skies since Tuesday...been nothing but rain and cool temps...very cool with lows almost to the single C° digits and highs not even making it to 20.Very little,if any improvement coming this week as well:

So....on the few clear nights we had I had the A-610 chasing meteors.Picked up a couple:

Enhanced and cropped 

 ...and then I read an article that claimed that most meteors captured by cameras are not meteors.Well,I beg to differ....after re-reading the article I came to the conclusion that the 'author' did not understand how to take meteor photos so he wrote a crap article slagging the hobby.That's my opinion only,some may disagree ,but I will continue to shoot them and anyone else that wants to try you can check the above photos for camera settings needed to do so.

So....if the weather should magically improve,here's what to look for this week as posted on :

Have a great week

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