Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sept 4,2016 - The Drought Continues

So,we are now in September and the very dry weather continues.Other than a few showers there has been no rain here for months in this part of the province and it's turning into a desperate situation with many rural wells drying up.We are also under another burning ban that includes all open fires,camp fires included.Tropical storm Hermine was originally forecast to bring some rain here but now it appears that may not happen and if it does it won't be until later in the week.The storm's position is currently east of Virginia and it is expected to move further out to sea soon and stay well south of us.

The forecast for this week from Environment Canada:


The only good thing about the lack of rain is the clear skies.I did quite a lot of astrophotography over the past week.Here's a few pics:
A nice convergence of two of the brighter planets and a bright star caught by my automated camera.

A possible meteor caught by the automated camera last night.

Another possible meteor.

A confirmed meteor.Taken with the Canon Rebel XS.I was looking for the aurora when this one zoomed through the northern sky.

Some things to look for this week:

That's all for now.Have a great week and pray for rain.

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