Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ripped Off By #Narcity

   What is Narcity? What right do they have to steal photos?
    I was browsing Twitter last night and came across this article that was posted under the #northernlights hashtag :
   Interestingly,my photo was used for the Liverpool section.Not only was it used without my permission,it was also credited to 'pinterest'. I don't even use pinterest so how they got credit for MY photo is baffling to me.

   Here is the original photo I shot with photo data below:

   I don't mind my photos being used's only a hobby and I have thousands of them containing a wide range of subjects.....BUT credit to the photographer should be given.Those of us that do this type of photography spend our hard earned money on equipment and brave the cold,dark nights to capture these shots.A little recognition would be appreciated.
   Having said that,when one of my photos was used some years back in the booklet 'Lost In Nova Scotia' I was required to sign release forms allowing the publisher permission to use my photo prior to it being included and published.
   To me,publishing someone's photo without permission/credit is similar to what went on in this article from today's (Oct 26th,2016) Chronicle Herald:

    I hope the Narcity Halifax people correct their faux pas.....
    ......and in the future,all of my photos will be watermarked before being posted online.

Al C


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Back To Normal Weather / One Meteor

   Things are returning to normal here.We've had a couple of rains and all have helped to recover from the drought.However,the 'big storm' that was forecast for yesterday was not as predicted.We did get some rain and wind but had no flooding here in the southwest part of NS.

   Some more rain and normal temps are expected this week.


   Haven't had much time or clear skies over the past week to do any sky imaging but did manage to catch one possible meteor with the A-610:

   Weather permitting,here are a few things to look for this week:

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