Saturday, June 15, 2013

Special air quality statement

WOCN21 CWHX 151549
Special air quality statement for Nova Scotia issued jointly by 
Environment Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Health and
Wellness at 12:49 PM ADT Saturday 15 June 2013.
Special air quality statement for:
=new= Mainland Nova Scotia.

      Smoke plumes from forest fires over Quebec are being carried
      Over Nova Scotia this afternoon.

Forest fires over Quebec are producing significant smoke plumes that 
are being carried southeastward by mid and low-level atmospheric 

Satellite pictures and surface observations show a smoke plume 
extending from Gaspé bay peninsula through Central New Brunswick.
The smoke may descend close to the ground for several hours.
Winds are expected to become more westerly later this afternoon and 
push the smoke over Nova Scotia.

People with heart or lung conditions are reminded that they may 
notice health effects during this statement period.

They should monitor the AQHI regularly and follow the health messages 
recommended by the AQHI.  Please visit WWW.AIRHEALTH.CA for more 


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