Sunday, August 3, 2008

The first week of August

Last week was very hot and humid here up until Friday.Thursday was the most uncomfortable with temps reaching the low 40°Cs in the afternoon.Rain moved into the area on Friday with temps remaining warm but only reaching the mid 20s.
The showers and clouds are expected to remain in the area until mid-week.Temps have been staying quite steady,low 20s overnight to mid to upper 20s during the day.There was a brief break in the clouds yesterday and the temp shot up to the 30s quite quickly.
There are currently 3 areas being watched in the tropics.None have developed into the depressions at this point but possibly may over the next few days.

Watch our weather as it happens via our cam(s).Click here.
Note:The temps shown in the forecast block on the right are collected at the nearest local weather station located at Western Head which is very near the ocean.The temps there are quite different than here usually.

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