Sunday, February 5, 2017

Still cloudy / Opteka 500mm lens

    Although it has not been very cold and snow amounts are little to none here it remains cloudy most of the time.The clouds have really impacted my asrophotography.....we probably haven't had more than a week's worth of clear nights over the past 3 months.
     More clouds are expected this week with the possibility of a little snow and some rain.

Anyways,I bought an Opteka 500mm lens for my Olympus E-PL1 a few weeks ago.The main reason was for an enhancement to my wildlife photography but,a few nights ago during a brief break in the clouds,I tried a moon shot.The results were adequate considering the conditions.In my opinion,this is a decent lens plus it is quite affordable.

                                                   Opteka 500mm mounted on the E-PL1

                                                     A cardinal shot at about 50 feet distant

                                                               Crescent moon - 1/500 sec at ISO 1250

   That's all for now.Have a great week.

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