Sunday, August 28, 2016

Notes: Aug 28,2016

It has cooled slightly here and there's been some rain and fog but temps still remain generally above normal and the water table is still low.There's a little rain coming our way this week and every little bit is welcomed.
The vegetation has rebounded a little and the deer that visit my back yard on a daily basis are much happier now.....and the little ones are growing and looking quite healthy.

This week's forecast my area:

Did a little sky imaging over the past week.The Saturn/Mars/Antares alignment was a nice sight.I missed the Jupiter/Venus conjunction last night.Going to try again tonight a little earlier and in a clearer location.

We also had a short Northern Lights event early last week:

And the Milky Way was glowing 

Thinks to look for in the night sky this week if the weather permits:

That's all for now.Have a great week!!

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