Sunday, October 9, 2016

Still Dry - Need Rain / Draconids


    The dry weather continues.
    Everytime the forecast calls for rain we get nothing.Initially Hurricane Matthew was expected to make it's way here by now and deliver some but that didn't only made it as far north as the Carolinas ,has now been down graded to a depression and is drifting east and out to sea.
    And while the southeastern US was getting the storm,yesterday was like a summer day here with temps into the +20°Cs with sun and it remained very warm and dry overnight.Currently the temp from the AGRG station across the street from here is +17°C / 63°F.....that is way above normal.
    Some rain is actually expected here today from a small system moving up the coast but the meteorologists can't give specifics on it and issued the following statement:
'A trough of low pressure passing over the Maritimes today will intensify tonight as it draws upon tropical moisture from the south.

Significant rainfall is expected over most of Nova Scotia beginning tonight with rainfall amounts totalling near 30 to 40 mm before ending by Monday afternoon.

At this time there remains some uncertainty in the exact positioning and intensity of this system, and a slight shift in either could result in higher rainfall amounts, possibly exceeding the warning criteria of 50 mm.

Environment Canada meteorologists will continue to monitor the development of this system and will update forecasts and possibly issue rainfall warnings as further information becomes available.'

As for how low rainfall has been,see the circled area in this graphic from Saturday's local newspaper:

The forecast for this week...maybe a little rain:


     The annual Draconid meteor shower occurred last week,peaking on the 7th.My unattended camera picked up a few of them:
A small Draconid

Draconid w/ the Andromeda Galaxy above

Things to look for in the night sky this week,weather permitting:

All for now.
Have a great week!

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