Sunday, September 25, 2016

Is the drought over?

Is the drought over?
It might just be.We've had a little rain and there's more coming this week.
Here's the forecast from Environment Canada:

So...I did  little night shooting last week with the A-610.That old 5mp camera is always shooting the night sky,unattended,weather permitting...looking for meteors or other 'anomalies' in the sky.Nobody  says those 'streaks' are definitely meteors but those of us that know....know.It's actually quite amusing that some bloggers say you can't get pics of meteors......umm....wrong!! 
Two things to know about night sky photography:
a)learn how to use your camera and 
b) learn how to use your camera. 
As for equipment...depending on what what you're looking to do,cheap cameras work as well as 'big bucks' setups if you follow the rules above and use some good photo editing programs.I may comment on some of them over the next few weeks.I have my favorites and they are not hard to use at all.
The following pics are taken with the old Canon A-610 running CHDK software ....
The Milky Way...ISO1600 at 40 secs (unguided)

The Milky Way and maybe a meteor...ISO1600 at 40 secs (unguided)

Anyways.....some things to look for this week if the sky permits:

Have a great week!!!

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