Sunday, January 15, 2017

Iridium 34 flare

The weather has been very unforgiving in getting any clear's been clouds,clouds,clouds and more clouds.On the upside,it has not been cold here as in other parts of the country...however,this is a big country and we are located in the southeast part,on the Atlantic ocean.....the same ocean that will freeze our feet off in the summer but keep us warmer than most of the rest of Canada in the winter.

So...for the next 10 days the models are showing that the temps will be on the plus side of freezing during the daytime along with a few chilly nights.Rain on the way for later this week.

No one is complaining..

We did have a brief period of clearness early last night.Just long enough to capture this Iridium flare with the A-610 modded with CHDK.That's the first time in weeks that I set it up to do some unattended shots.Needless to say,it wasn't long after this pic that the skies began to cloud over so the gear was packed up until the next time.

All for now.
Have a great week.

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