Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another week of mostly clouds and rain comimg up

Just put a week of mostly clouds and wet weather behind us and it looks like we have another one coming up.We may be seeing an improvement by the weekend according to the long range forecast,however,long range forecasts are notoriously inaccurate so we shall see.

The only night in the past week that was semi-good for astrophotography was Thursday into Friday.
The Canon A-610 was pointed west and shooting away all night but it did not capture anything worth sharing.....just stars.
I did catch the ISS on the early pass Thursday night with the Rebel XS.I ran the shot through PixInsight LE and was impressed with the results as shown below.The program is now obsolete but can still be found online using a Google search.It is freeware.
More info is found here:

Anyways,if it clears,here's a few things to look for in the night sky this week
(from )  :

Have a great week

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