Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb 2 Snowstorm

The snow began around noon and continued until midnight...maybe a bit longer...not sure,I was in bed before it was over.
Total accumulation here was about 20cms.We received less rain than expected and temps did not rise to +8C.Temps did increase during the storm but they did not make it above freezing at ground level.There was however a fair amount of ice pellets from upper level warm air.
Overnight the temps dropped to -12C and the snow developed a 5 cm 'crust'.The snow that was pushed off the streets by the plows froze into something similar to cement......so it was hard going getting everything cleaned up today.
Unfortuately,there is another storm on the way for Thursday.It's a toss up at this point if it will be rain or snow.Time will tell.

Photo: A couple of hours after the storm began.Near blizzard conditions.

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