Friday, October 26, 2012

#Weather in #Liverpool, #Canada - Currently(7:15AM): +0.4C,clear,light NW wind

Min / max over the past 24 hours, as recorded on my station:

(Temps are in °C)

High: +17.1

Low: -3.2

Today's forecast: Sunny. High 14. UV index 3 or moderate.


Clear. Low plus 2.

Today's weather trivia: 26 October

2004: The air quality index climbed to 103 in downtown Hamilton, ON-the
worst smog level ever attained in Ontario, and the latest smog advisory ever
issued by the province. The culprit pollutant was fine particulate matter
coming from vehicles, industry, and road dust. Between the Niagara
Escarpment and Lake Ontario, the sinking air over Hamilton trapped all the
city's pollutants in the downtown.

Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar' by David Phillips. ©
Environment Canada

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