Thursday, October 18, 2012

#Weather in #Liverpool, #Canada - Currently(6:20AM):+1.1C,clear,calm

Min / max over the past 24 hours, as recorded on my station:

(Temps are in °C)


Low: +1.0

Today's forecast: Mainly sunny. High 13. UV index 3 or moderate.


Clear. Fog patches developing overnight. Low 6 except zero inland.

Today's weather trivia: 18 October

2004: Despite an early snowfall, a large number of the citizens of Edmonton,
AB, voted in the civic election. Turnout was much higher than predicted,
given the weather:-3°C, more than 10 cm of snow, and moderate winds. Roughly
42% of eligible voters cast ballots, up from the 2001 election, which drew
35%. Apparently, voters were unfazed by the weather and twigged by an
interesting contest.

Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar' by David Phillips. ©
Environment Canada

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