Monday, September 12, 2016

Remaining Dry

The dry weather continues in this part of Canada with no relief in sight.This week will be dry with only a slight chance of a shower.Models were showing approx 100 mm of rain early next week but that has currently been revised to only 40 mm.Domestic wells are are now at critical levels and major rivers are nothing more than a trickle.
This week's forecast:

Even though it's been very dry most evenings have been foggy over the past week so I did very little sky imaging.As a matter of fact,I sold the EOS and all accessories last week.....have ordered an Olympus and hopefully that will arrive before the end of the week.
Anyways,I did capture a few sky objects early last week:
Polar orbiting dual satellites 

A small meteor

Coming up this week:

That's all for now.Have a great week.

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