Sunday, August 7, 2016

Remaining hot and dry

      The hot,dry weather continues here and water levels are reaching critical levels.There has also been some forest fires,thankfully most were in uninhabited areas.There are still two burning nearby and north of here.Last report they were both about 70% contained.
      We need rain.Last night some areas received some heavy showers along with thunder and lightning but there was only a few drops at my location.
       According to the official forecast and the weather models,there doesn't appear to be any rain or cooler weather anytime this week.

Did get out to do some astrophotography over the past week.Here are some images taken nearby.

The crescent Moon and Jupiter full 200mm zoom.

The Milky Way

Weak Northern Lights from the outburst early last week.

Some things to look for this week.By the way,the Perseid meteor shower is forecast to be the best in years with a possibility of 200 meteors visible per hour.

Have a great week.

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