Sunday, June 26, 2016

Still a little unsettled

The weather is still a little unsettled here.....get a nice day or two and then it's back to clouds and cool temps.
We did manage to get two clear nights over the past week and some of us took advantage of them with our cameras and telescopes.I had the A-610 set up and shooting continuously on both nights.Caught a rather bright meteor in the east late Thursday night however it was not the really bright one that was reported in the media.That one was earlier according to what was reported and also from speaking with an eyewitness.
My meteor shot

Newspaper article concerning a bright meteor that was spotted earlier in the same evening.
© The Chronicle Herald.

Anyways,I put together this time lapse video shot on Friday into Saturday,June 24th to 25th,2016.
See if you can spot Polaris aka the North's the stationary one that the other stars revolve around.

Better quality video is here:

So,it looks like we will be back in the murk this week....cloudy skies and cool temps are forecast.

Anyway,just in case the sky clears,here's a few things to look for:

Have a great week.

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