Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#Weather in #Liverpool, #Nova Scotia, #Canada -

Min / max over the past 24 hours, as recorded on my station:

(Temps are in °C)

High: +26.1

Low: +5.1

Currently (6:15AM) : +5.1 ,clear ,calm

Today's forecast: Sunny. Wind becoming south 20 km/h this afternoon. High 18
except 22 inland. UV index 4 or moderate.

Today's weather trivia: 18 September

1903: Over 40 mm of rain curtailed mining operations around Dominion Creek,
YK. Earlier there had been no water and no work. When rains did come, they
created a tidal wave sweeping away wheelbarrows, packsaddles, and grub, and
flooding mines. The rain damaged the Caribou Hotel's roof, in spite of last
summer's efforts to waterproof it. One customer slept with an umbrella over
his head.

Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar' by David Phillips. ©
Environment Canada

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